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They are usually single paged leaflet, used by individuals and businesses to promote their products and services. It is a direct, free and mass marketing tool, which after the Generally they are handed out on streets, but you can post them at bulletin boards, cafes, campuses, etc. and the mass coverage it gets make it productive for small-scale businesses and community communication as well.

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Pamphlets are small in size, not bigger than a LTR page in most cases. Their aim is to achieve mass distribution. This term is usually interchangeable with "flyer" or "leaflet".Their meaning is also associated with big announcements.

An unbound booklet, pamphlet can consist of one or more pages that can either be folded or stapled together. They are highly cost-effective and can convey the message in a detailed and illustrated way.

Besides cost and availability of space, pamphlets are a successful marketing tool for they get commendable exposure and as a potential customer can go through it at ease when he has time, it also earns required response


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A pamphlet is a small book consisting of a few sheets of printed paper -usually one or more pages that are stitched together with an unbound paper cover- which informs of a subject of current interest.

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