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A letterhead is an integral part of your business identity. It can make or break your credibility and brand image. A professionally designed letterhead is a great marketing tool that can give your company a great edge in marketing and brand building campaigns.

A letterhead represents your company and all that you stand for. On official documentation and paperwork, a professionally designed letterhead will create quite an impact. It will also help improve your chances at converting sales leads into actual paying customers. A professionally designed letterhead will lend you credibility, distinction and add to your brand value. It also helps retain customers because documents, proposals, queries, letters etc. that carry your logo will build brand loyalty among those who receive them.

If you have been wondering why your direct mail campaign has not been bringing you desired results, spare a thought to the letterhead on which the communication was sent out. A great letterhead can work miracles on your marketing campaign.

Letterhead designing is something that you must leave to professionals. A great business letterhead design represents the company and gives the insignia of authority.

At Krayon’s, we understand that your letterhead is the symbol of who you are. Our talented design team will create a professional letterhead which is as impressive as a royal seal. Take a look at some of the letterhead design samples below to understand how professional, credible and elegant great letterheads can appear.

We Krayone guarantee you that with us you will get the most attractive letterhead design, customized corporate letterheads designs,printing,custom templates, personalized letterheads.

We Krayon Enterprises are the leading printing, branding, designing‎ company in Kenya.


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