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When branding windows we mainly use material’s which are either opaque or transparent. We use these materials because they will not hinder natural light from getting through the window panes. They also work as tints. They can be used indoor or outdoor depending on what you are advertising. They can be used in vehicle branding.
When branding window there are different materials we can use:-

Window Graphics/One Way Vision:It’s a sticker material which is opaque and has small round perforation on it. It allows light to pass and you to the outside. The person on the outside will only see what you are advertising.

Clear stickers/white sticker:It’s a sticker material which is opaque and allows light to pass.

Sand Blast:It’s a sticker material which is opaque. If you want your windows to have that engraved or sand blasted look, this is the material to use. It is mainly used to display company logos.

Vinyl:They are mostly cut/stencils letters, image or logos.

We offer professional window Branding & Graphics,White & Clear window stickers,Sand/San Blast,paint branding,vinyl applications,internal or external windows e.t.c

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