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This scrolling banner stand, also known as a motorized banner display, scrolling display will catch your customers' eye with movement. Each scrolling banner stand features a custom printed banner that continuously rotates along the display. Since people are naturally attracted to motion, a scrolling banner can draw more attention than a static display. A scrolling banner stand also increases your advertising presence. Since your graphics continuously loop around the display, you can double the length of your message. A scrolling banner stand, such as a motorized banner display or rolling banner, is perfect for trade shows, conventions and more.

This scrolling banner stand features a single speed motor and has aluminum finish. This scrolling banner stand also comes with a vinyl banner that is custom printed with the graphics of your choice. The banner can be set to scroll from top to bottom or bottom to top. We provide this scrolling banner stand with a carrying bag for easy transportation and storage. There is also an easy on/off flip switch on the cord that allows you to change the direction of your banner.

Purchase scrolling banner stands at Krayone. We create professional, eye-catching banners for trade shows displays, promotions..e.t.c


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